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Take Time to Heal - #WITNESSMYGRIEF

Why do we hold on to our sadness? Why do we hold on to our grief?   A good chunk of my life seems to be defined by pain. Physical, mental, & spiritual levels of pain. I would get so offended when I would talk about my pain, and people could only seem to offer me these cliché, and superficial recommendations, and solutions, and I would look at them and wonder,    "do you think I choose to be this miserable?"   I would get so angry at the assumption that I'm in pain because I choose to be. For a split second, out of that anger, I would wish my suffering on them so they could understand that nobody,...

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Black Culture vs. Mental Illness

I typically focus all of my writing topics on the theme of chronic pain and mental illness. As someone who personally struggles with these conditions, and the stigmas associated with them, I aimed at creating a brand that inspires people to live in their truth, and be unapologetic about their situations. Telling their stories as a means to attack the stigmas associated with the circumstances.   As I grew my presence in the community and started to connect with those who struggle like I struggle I noticed very obvious differences in how I approached and dealt with certain situations vs. How mainstream culture dealt with these situations.  I guess now is a pretty good time to tell you that I'm black.  I am...

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How to NOT be Busy: The Hustle Mentality

There's a big difference between being busy and being productive.  If I’m a teacher, and I have to have my midterms graded by Friday, and it’s Wednesday and I spent the day cleaning up my classroom, re-stocking supplies, writing next weeks’ lesson plans, helping one of my students with her existential crisis, and collecting can goods for the food drive? Then even though all of those things are important in their own right, and their own time, they weren’t a good use of your time considering what the priority was on your to-do list, which was grade the midterm papers, that you now have one day to get done, instead of two all for the sake of not having idle hands. I was very busy, yes – but I wasn’t...

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