Meanwhile, things go on (poem)

Meanwhile, things go on.

– charles bukoswski.


I’m not on the edge,
I’m well, well over it.
I've tumbled down the rabbits hole,
and I hit rock bottom hard.
I shattered every bone,
every dream,
every hope,
every image.
this is the part where you fall apart.
this is the part where you scream out into the heavens and ask God-
why me?
this is the part when you decide to lay on the ground that is responsible for all your broken parts and silently say to yourself that you will never get up.
but before you scream,
before you allow tears to come cascading down your bruised cheeks,
before you unleash the hell that's been tearing you apart inside,
you remember,
that the world does not stop for the sake of your grief.
and nobody is going to come save you because they’re all too busy saving themselves.
and nobody is going to see past their own pain to give the slightest of a damn about yours.
so you take a deep breath,
and you consume. once again, all of the suffering that’s been consuming you, 
and you go on,
hoping you didn't get too far behind.

– s.c.