Why as Women we should be Wild: (Wildflower Royalty)

I've always had this inner issue with expectations and reputations. This need to live up to some idealistic concept of what something, or someone is supposed to be, or supposed to mean. It's like there are these rules that people follow, and don't question, and I believe that you are a victim of the rules you live by.  

There's this extreme lack of freedom associated with expectations and reputations because when people see whatever society has chosen to define you as, and whatever you have chosen to accept? They expect that from you. Which can pose to be a problem if that is not who you are. 

This is why I've always had an admiration for wildflowers.

No one has expectations of wildflowers, except to be wild. 

When I was a little girl, I would walk up and down the street in the spring and notice these colorful, vibrant arrangements of tiny flowers growing in open, unclaimed fields, and in the cracks of the broken sidewalks.

remember my aunt calling them weeds, and we were always taught weeds were a nuisance; something that had to be removed.  But you never saw roses, or tulips, lilies, or peonies growing defiantly wherever the wind would cast their seeds. Those flowers needed constant care, and attention. You had to create an atmosphere where they could grow, or they would die. After spending all this significant amount of time, and energy catering to their growth, they were sold based on the reputations they were associated with.  

Roses were always synonymous with love, overcrowding shelves around Valentines Day.  
You purchased lilies, and tulips around Easter in the spring.  
Their expectations, and reputations defined their purpose, and made them popular; something pretty to look at.  
& they were beautiful.... 

.but they weren't wild. 
& without their reputations, would we love them the same?

Wildflowers are not revered simply for their visual aesthetic.

Wildflowers are admired because they're wild.
For their ability to grow in places no one would expect them too.

Wildflowers are envied for their lack of expectations, and wildflowers are appreciated for their defiance.

Wildflowers live and grow unapologetically wherever they take root. 

Wildflowers are a lot like Wallflowers. A term often meant to describe those who were there but unseen, and unheard; there and not there at the same time as if we were a part of the wall itself.  

Like wildflowers, wallflowers exist often in places where we don't seem to belong, and tend to struggle, and yet grow anyways.

& any woman who takes pain and turns it into power is a queen.  


I have spent my whole life watching wildflowers, and wallflowers alike absorb the pain of the world. The struggle associated with growing through sidewalk cracks, and being walked over, overlooked, and underappreciated. The loneliness associated with seemingly belonging nowhere.

I've watched us deal with this, and grow anyways. Colorfully, and vibrantly, and unapologetically, and it was inspiring. 

It is inspiring. 

We all wear beautiful of crowns adorned with the petals of our past. 

Taking pain and turning it into power. 
Taking pain and turning it into poetry. 
Refusing to be defined by a standard someone else created.

Embracing the power associated with being wild.

 Wild Royalty. 

Wildflower Royalty. 

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